Airport Handling Services

NAS airport service is one of the divisions which focus on effective Aiport Handling Services.  This division aims to provide complete range of Airport services professionally and competitively for passenger and cargo aircraft operations in co-ordination with Airport and Aeronautical authorities in India.  We consolidate various ground and terminal facilities under one roof to increase the efficiency and quality of service.

Aircraft Handling
  • permissions from concerned authorities
  • operational assistance
  • liaison with airport authorities
  • load control
  • pallet/container buildup
  • Station representation and supervision
  • Aircraft load planning
  • Special Loading devices aranagement
  • ULD management and inventory control
  • Aircraft loading/unloading
  • Operational messaging
  • Ramp coordination
  • Crew/passenger transport
Cargo Handling
  • Custom documentation
  • Load planning for all types of cargo movement
  • DGR Handling
  • Live Stock handling
  • Load planning
  • ULD Buildup/Breake down
Passenger Handling
  • hotel booking
  • transport arrangement
  • catering services
  • dedicated passenger services
  • special passenger and VIP services
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